10mm Rubber Rolls (Heavy Commercial)



Our high-quality rubber rolls are ideally suited for use in gymnasiums and fitness centre. Available in a range of standard colour, these rolls not only offer a visually appealing appearance but also deliver the essential protective qualities required for such environments. Specifically designed for residential & commercial use, our 8mm thick rubber rolls provide an excellent solution.

Our rubber rolls are available in standard dimensions of 4 feet by 25 feet, covering an area of 100 square feet. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Minimum order quantities will apply.  With a thickness of 10 mm and a weight of 2.2 pounds per square foot, these rolls offer durability and performance. The standard stocking colour options include classic Black and  Platinum Grey, and we also offer custom colours for those seeking a unique aesthetic (minimum quantities & lead times apply).

To ensure customer satisfaction, we back our product with a generous 10-year limited warranty, assuring the quality and reliability of our rubber rolls.

  • High-quality rubber rolls designed for residential gyms and fitness centre, with a focus on style and protection.
  • Available in various standard colours and customized options.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use.
  • 8mm thickness, 10-year limited warranty for reliability.Applications for Armour Rubber Rolls span various sectors and include:
    1. Fitness facilities
    2. Gyms
    3. Personal training studios
    4. Basements
    5. Kennels 
      • Intended for commercial use
      • Roll dimensions: 4′ x 25′ (100 square feet coverage)
      • Thickness: 10 mm
      • Weight: 2.2 lbs per square foot
      • Standard colour options: Black, 20% Blue, 20% Grey, 20% Gold, 20% Red
      • Custom colours customization is offered (minimum quantities apply)
      • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty



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Black 4'x25' (100sqft), 20% Blue 4'x25' (100sqft), 20% Grey 4'x25' (100sqft), 20% Gold 4'x25' (100sqft), 20% Red 4'x25' (100sqft)